Running for a reason since 2015.

2015: Hackney Half

2016: Brighton Marathon

2017: Back to Hackney…

Welcome back!

Two years ago, I picked up a pair of running shoes and ran the Hackney Half Marathon to raise money for Epilepsy Research UK. A year later, I completed the Brighton Marathon, fundraising for the same charity, blogging about my training, triumphs and tribulations.

This year, I’m joining a team of runners raising money for Year Here, a leadership development programme for graduates in the social enterprise sector. I took part in the programme in 2015, and the experience gained, lessons learned, and friends made continue to positively impact my life and career on a daily basis.

Year Here’s assistance in providing accommodation, along with the savings I had, meant that I was able to live in London without having to work whilst studying the course. Now they are taking the next step by expanding their bursary programme, allowing more young people from low income backgrounds and without a foothold in London to benefit from the programme.

Our team of 12 aims to raise £5,000 in sponsorship (via CIVA) through running the Hackney Half Marathon on Sunday 30th April. This amount will provide a bursary for one individual to join the programme, who otherwise could not have afforded to.

Oh, and if we hit our target, I’ll shave off this hair (and donate it to The Little Princess Trust):


Everybody wins! Donate here:


Thank you!


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