Finishing the half and seeing off the hair

We did it!

Nine of the Year Here alumni, fellows and faculty made it round the Hackney Half Marathon 2017 in another hot and very sweaty outing.

Here’s me on the final straight:

race_3259_photo_51660121 race_3259_photo_51617640 race_3259_photo_51628567

I’d like to say the expressions were down to having just run 13.1 miles, but in fact I looked like this the entire way round (search my name in the official photo album for proof of this).

Thanks to all who were there to support / cheer / play the steel drums on the day.

In one final fundraising push, the next week four of us headed down to Trafalgar Square (why not?) for a charity head-shave finalé:

18425049_10154448026052554_8912140177612442556_n Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 21.23.05 Screen Shot 2017-06-03 at 21.26.38

Going from this…                                      …(via this)…                                    …to this!

Again a big thank you to the hair-chopping volunteers and cameramen, as well as to the small crowd that bemusedly gathered (including those watching live on Facebook from home / the M6 / the Himalayas).

I’ve just received confirmation that my hair made it to The Little Princess Trust, where hopefully it will become one of the 1,000 wigs that they give out to children suffering hair loss each year. I no longer have #hairtospare.

We raised almost three and a half thousand pounds to go towards the Year Here bursary scheme, which you can still add to by clicking here if you haven’t already.

It’s been a pleasure as ever. Next stop – The Great North Run…


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