Two weeks to go: heatwaves and veganism

It’s Easter Sunday, and instead of cracking into an Easter egg, I’ve been for my last long run before the Hackney Half in a fortnight’s time.

Photo 08-04-2017, 11 40 33

Never mind, North London is GLORIOUS in this weather:

Photo 16-04-2017, 10 15 03

Photo 08-04-2017, 10 50 34

Photo 08-04-2017, 10 54 02

Two out of the last three years have seen such hot weather on the day of Hackney Half that some runners have passed out. Sincerely hoping for a cooler run this time.

So what are the other challenges?

Well, aside from hitting our fundraising total (here’s the link if you haven’t already donated – remember: I’ll be removing the above-pictured hair if we hit £5,000), there’s the fact that throughout my training so far, I’ve been entirely vegan – which I’ve been trying out for Lent.

I remember listening to a podcast with Scott Jurek, the vegan ultra-marathon runner, while training last year. Although I didn’t think to explore the concept more at the time, a quick Google search reveals a bunch of other top vegan athletes. The UK has its own vegan running club, and there are blogs dedicated to meat-free run training.

It’ll be interesting to see how my time from two year’s ago (when I was still on a full-meat diet) compares to this year…

On Sunday 30th April, I’ll be running the Hackney Half Marathon to raise money for the Year Here bursary scheme. Follow this link to find out more about Year Here, and this one to make a donation. If we hit our fundraising target, I’ve also pledged to shave off my two-and-a-half-years-worth of hair, and donate it to The Little Princess Trust. Thank you!


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