Run for Beer / Squeeky Bum Time


I’m back once again to remind you that today is officially TWO WEEKS until I have to run a MARATHON.


It’s really happening people.

Something great happened last month though. I was flipping through the pages of Original Gravity and stumbled across an article on the phenomenon that is Mikkeller Running Club.


For those of you not too familiar with the Scandinavian craft beer scene, Mikkeller are Danish brewery that have been growing rapidly in Europe and America in recent years. Their founder was a keen runner back in the day, so decided to start MRC as a sociable and healthy way to meet like-minded beer-heads.

Last month I went along to the London branch (there are an ever growing number of chapters worldwide), which meets at BrewDog Camden. The vibe is chilled and Carl and Luiz who run the branch make sure that they cater for a range of ages (though probably over-18), abilities and genders.

THE BEST THING IS that when you return from your 5 or 10k run (up to you), you are greeted with a refreshing (and free) glass of beer from the BrewDog taps. Check out their next event here if this is sounding like music to your ears.


As you should by now have realised, I’m running the Brighton Marathon for Epilepsy Research UK very very soon. Just one example of the great work this organisation is doing happened last month, when they ran an international expert workshop (preliminary to a governmental white paper), on issues around epilepsy and brain tumours. 80% of people with brain tumours develop epilepsy, and the experts are aiming to  shed new light on this under-researched area.

The work of this organisation would not be possible without donations from the public, and this is the reason I’ll be donning my running shorts for 26.2 miles in two weeks’ time. ‘Every little helps’ is a reality, not just a cliché, and I am truly grateful to any of you who can spare a small amount to support this cause. You can donate here via my dedicated fundraising page.

With fourteen days to go, it really is squeeky bum time.

Thank you all so much.

Luke x


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