Tendons and Trampolines

Happy Easter!

I’ve so far resisted the piles of eggs that have accrued around me. With three weeks to go (three weeks!) until Marathon Day, this seems like a wise choice.

Lots to talk about today, despite not having managed my proposed long Easter run. I picked up an achilles tendon issue on Wednesday night, so am hoping that a few days rest will sort it out.

Since my last post, the main news is my survival of a sixteen-mile run around East London (on a FRIDAY NIGHT, no less – what have I become?). As I neared the last few miles, I whipped out my phone to snap the magnificent-looking Tower Bridge, at which point said phone promptly died, meaning Strava missed the final section:

I promise I did actually finish the run. PROMISE.

The following morning, I took part in the Bootstrap Fun Run 10k in Victoria Park, to raise money for their programmes to support young entrepreneurs in East London:


You can tell from how photogenic we look that this was the ‘before’ shot rather than the ‘after’.

I also visited Oxygen Freejumping trampoline park in Acton. With trampolines carpeting the floor and walls, and an assault course reminiscent of a miniature Takeshi’s Castle, this was a ridiculously fun way to test some underused muscles.


Despite the tendon troubles, I managed to get out for a five-mile run in the countryside with my older sister on Saturday. We managed to (partly accidentally) co-ordinate our outfits in honour of #PurpleDay2016, a day of global epilepsy awareness. It’s awesome to see across social media just how many people have taken up this cause, to which I’m trying to contribute in my own small way.

It would be so, so appreciated if you could make a donation (no matter how small) to Epilepsy Research UK via my JustGiving page link below.

April 17th draws ever closer. Until next time.

Luke x



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