ONE MONTH TO GO: Yoga and a Tale of Two Tunnels

It’s now less than five weeks until Marathon Day, and you’ll be pleased to hear that I’ve decided to start taking things seriously.

In fact part of the reason for this overdue update is my much more regular running schedule. Having never been a morning person, I’m now managing to force myself out of bed earlier than ever before to clock some mileage before starting the day.

I’ve even complemented this regime by attending my first yoga class.

Walking into the changing rooms for the first time and immediately being confronted with another man’s penis, I very nearly turned around and walked back out.

But hey, it’s yoga man.

Yo-go with it.

I’d been hearing a lot about how practising yoga can be really helpful for runners, and after dipping an outstretched toe into it last week, I’ll be trying to make time for this on a regular basis now as well. At least everyone is clothed for the actual classes.

I also undertook an accidental twelve-mile run along the Thames last weekend.

Greenwich Foot Tunnel
Having crossed from the Isle of Dogs via the Greenwich Foot Tunnel (opened in 1902), I thought I could cross back through another tunnel upriver.

Closed entrance of the Thames Tunnel
As it turns out, the Thames Tunnel (completed in 1843) has been used exclusively by trains since 1869… Not quite sure what I was thinking there. I rerouted to cross Tower Bridge, which added a few extra miles, but was probably safer than the train tracks.

Most of you by now will know that I’m running the marathon for Epilepsy Research UK. Epilepsy was in the news last week when Harrison Ford spoke publicly about his daughter Georgia’s experience of the condition. Apparently she was misdiagnosed for years before somebody worked it out:

“I said to myself this is Los Angeles, we have some of the best doctors in the world, they must know what’s wrong with her. But nothing was diagnosed as epilepsy.”

Georgia has since responded really well to treatment, but there are thousands of others who don’t have access to this, or who haven’t even been properly diagnosed. I’m running to raise money for all these people, and anything you can give to help will be so, so appreciated.

You can visit my fundraising page below. Thanks so much for all your support. Not long to go now…


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