Six weeks to go: No more excuses…

Things are getting serious now.

Looks like I’m actually gonna have to run this thing.

It’s going to require way more discipline over the next six weeks than I’ve had of late… but at least the sun came out this week!

I’ve just returned from this week’s Park Run at Mile End Park (literally, I haven’t even showered yet), and was a lot happier with my performance on this occasion. Turning up on time was a good start. So far these 5ks have been a really nice way to balance the longer stamina runs.

There were LOADS of people there. Thanks this week to the orange-shirted-and-shorted beardy man, who I just missed out on catching in the final straight. That sprint knocked a good few seconds off my time. And next week, I’m coming for you…


Donations to my fundraising page for Epilepsy Research UK have still been coming in, so a huge thank you to all my recent sponsors. ‘Purple Day’, an epilepsy awareness day started in 2008 by a young Canadian girl with the condition is coming up this year on 24th March. It’s now a global event which does a lot to boost fundraising and public awareness. I’ll probably be pestering you lovely people for support even more on that date so be prepared!

My JustGiving page is listed below as always. Donations all go towards increasing our understanding of treating this condition, which affects so many people’s lives on a daily basis.

Much love x


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