Bart Simpson’s head and a visit to prison

My inadvertent running art is improving.

Returning from a nice neat five-miler today, I was pretty happy to see that I’d managed to accidentally draw Bart Simpson’s head with my route. A big improvement on recent squiggles.

Small victories, eh?

Screenshot 2016-02-27 12.43.07

I’d been planning on hitting the Wormwood Scrubs Park Run for a change of scene, but decided that sleep was the more pressing issue, so set off on a solitary jog around mid-morning. Dodging the crowd seemed to pay off, and I got a good look at a couple of declining West London landmarks on my way round.

First up was the BBC Television Centre, bastion of the Beeb since its opening in 1960. Having closed its doors in 2013, demolition work began earlier this month at this iconic site, which will be replaced by housing and leisure units within a couple of years. All you could see through the glass doors of reception was a cardboard cut-out of Chris Evans’ new Top Gear team, apparently left behind.

Wormwood Scrubs Prison was built a little further north in 1891. Over the years it has been host to an infamous IRA protest, as well as inmates including Charles Bronson, Keith Richards, and Pete Doherty. Along with the UK’s other Victorian prisons, Wormwood has been earmarked by the Justice Minister Michael Gove for potential closure.

These probably aren’t the kind of sights I’d be seeking out on a normal Saturday jaunt, so I’m glad that running has given me the chance to explore further afield. If anyone can suggest any other London locations for urban exploration then feel free to drop them in the comments!



Epilepsy news this week mainly involved the publication of a report, endorsed here by the head of Epilepsy Society, pushing for improvement in diagnosis and treatment. There is a significant disparity up and down the country in the effectiveness of local services, at a time when neurological services in general are seemingly increasingly neglected.

Research into improving the treatment of this condition is ever more important, and is the reason why I’m running the Brighton Marathon this April (and it’s now almost March!?).

If you’ve been reading this blog but haven’t yet donated, please check out my page, and if you could give even a small amount towards the cause it would be immensely appreciated.

Thanks once again to all.


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