Am I a ‘runner’ yet? / Katie Hopkins undergoes surgery

It’s been a few days since writing or running has happened. Oops.

And I can’t use the weather as an excuse for both…

With less than two months to go, I’m at the stage where I’m just about running half the distance I’ll need to eventually, and I’m likewise almost halfway to my fundraising target. I’ve also noticed that running is becoming increasingly a part of my consciousness, even when I’m not actually doing it.

Can I call myself a runner yet?

I’ve been blabbing enough on social media by now for the M-word to come up at pretty much every dinner and party with friends. Even when I’m on my own, I’m worrying disproportionately about niggling injuries and how they affect next week’s run timetable.

I almost look like a proper runner as well, with my phone-holding arm strap thing, and a new stretchy long-sleeved under-top (ok, I don’t know all the jargon yet), prescribed for me by a girlfriend concerned about my elbow temperature.

I’ve also downloaded and listened to the two-part BBC Food Programme on running diets. The experts reckon that early humans were constantly on the run in search of food, much like wild pack animals today. Even the elderly and very young members of the group would keep up, which makes me feel slightly better about certain Park Runners that finished ahead of me last week…

Basically, I’m a long way off the Kenyans described in the programme, who pretty much run a marathon every morning and still have time to chill before lunch.


In Epilepsy news, scare-mongering Daily Mail columnist and celebrity epileptic Katie Hopkins went into surgery yesterday to try and cure herself of the condition. I briefly saw Hopkins at an event two weeks ago and she seemed completely friendly and normal. She’s said some absolutely disgraceful things in her time, but it kind of makes you wonder how much of it is put on to make a name for herself. Anyway, it will be interesting from a researcher’s point of view to see what comes of the op.


Big thanks are of course due once again to all you amazing people who have donated to my page recently. I’ve not been pushing it much outside of social media so if anyone has any ideas on how I can keep momentum please let me know. My figuring is that a lot of people giving just a little will go a long way.

That’s all for now – thanks folks! x



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