Back on the horse: Park Run take 2

Aaaaand we’re back!

I managed to make my second ever Park Run at the second attempt this morning. (Just.)

For the uninitiated, Park Run is a global phenomenon whereby thousands of runners of all ages and abilities get together to do a timed 5km round their local green space at 9am every Saturday.

In true Saturday morning style, I turned up at Mile End Park about two minutes after the race had started (despite legging it there from my building) but was allowed to join in anyway. Clearly, it wasn’t going to be the week to set a personal best, so instead I set my sights on catching whoever in front of me was wearing the most garish fluorescent running gear.

This gamification reached its satisfying conclusion when I was able to sprint past two human highlighters in the final straight.

Including the there-and-back, with a detour via the post office, the run totalled about nine miles, and resulted in a gloriously messy Strava route (although I’m not quite at the Claire Wyckoff level of artistic immaturity just yet – I recommend checking out her site if you haven’t already).

On a more serious note, I want to say another massive thank you to everyone who has donated to my page over the past week. I’ve gone from a quarter of my target filled to a third in no time, and I really can’t do justice here to how grateful I am to all. Special thanks to the mysterious ‘Patrice Le-bouf-douche-tete Zizezjg‘ for their generous contribution – if anyone knows the true identity of this benevolent soul then please let me know!

If you’re enjoying this blog, and my attempt to compliment it with actual running, it would be amazing if you could take a moment to share this and my Justgiving page with anyone else that might take an interest.

Until next time!



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