Off to a sniffly start

Training hasn’t exactly gone to plan this week.


Feeling somewhat worse for wear after a weekend in Bristol, on Tuesday afternoon I made it round a squiggly-looking six-miler out to Canning Town and back via Stratford (as my new Strava account can attest to).


It was pretty windy up on the Greenway, and by the next day┬áthe man-flu was really kicking in. I’d intended my next update to be a triumphal post-Park Run Saturday Morning Special. Instead all I have for you is a load of snotty tissues and regret. Ironic, given that the topic of my last post was ‘health’…


Hoping to lay relatively low so I can hit the ground running next week.


On the upside, I am totally amazed by the donations that have already come in to my JustGiving page. Seeing the total starting to rise has made me more determined than ever to get out there next week and back on the horse. Thank you so much to everyone who’s already donated.


In epilepsy-related news, a few days ago it was announced that the first person in the UK to┬átrial a treatment whereby a robot created a “sat-nav” of their brain, seems to have been “cured” of epilepsy. It’s still early days to tell if their condition is gone for good, but this story goes to show the amazing leaps forward that can be made by pioneering research and technology (which YOUR donations will be going towards).


Just a short one for today. Hopefully more running to talk about next week.


Thanks for reading!


Luke x


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